Project of creating a website for a new charity organization called Independent Ukrainian Fund™ (IUF), with one main goal - to help Ukraine survive this unequal struggle



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April 2022 - Ongoing (part time)


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Capstone Project

Design Challenge Brief

How many charity organizations do you know? How many of them do you trust?

As a donor, I always had these questions in my head, as a UX Designer I wanted to show that you can trust the selected organization through the functional design. Visual matters, so the donations are. 

The biggest constraint of this project was time: while Ukrainians couldn't wait, I needed to create a website with the primary goal - of increasing donations.

With this in mind, I've created an "IUF" prototype which is fully functioning and accepting donations.


01 | Problem

Problem Space

I was lucky as I was reesearching charity website's user eperience issues on one of my previous projects, so I was already awared of the Paint Points, Motivations and Goals of donors.  Issues I faced in the beginning of the project:

  • Site's initial look felt messy and untrusty
  • Lots of useful information but it is unorganized
  • Multiple donation methods should be introduced in a transparent way and a clean manner
  • Donations amount could be enlarged with a better user experience

02 | Solution


Based on Paint Points, Goals and Motivations of persona, after a few rounds of testing, I've designed a prototype for the IUF. What you see is the latest prototype version, far from the initial version.



Good design always includes the most desirable design tools - paper and a pen.  Take a look at a few design sketches, which were an exploration of ideas for IUF.  This particular sketches are from the final sketch iteration.



With Keywords in mind, I've selected a few images to reflect the war chaos, and drastic life change, aiming to show people's desire to save their land and freedom at a very high price.  InVision Board collection could be viewed here


Focused on helping




Branding Colors


I’ve considered the Golden Ration (6:3:1) Rule, so 60% of the artboards are in "Peaceful White", 30% is for complementary “Crear Black” and 10% is for accents - “Freedom Blue”, less than 5% is "Hopeful Yellow" - as it should be used wisely just to make some accents.

"Hopeful Yellow" represents warmth and reminds us of the sun, s wheat, and a Ukrainian field of sunflowers.  

"Freedom Blue"  - is an active colour which I used for CTA items on the website. The tone I've used is noble and calm, showing the importance of making your choice and giving back to your motherland.

"War Grey" is massive and emphasizes the seriousness of the war, oppression and its effect on the people's life.

Attracting more funds through design:

As one of the perspective directions on attracting more funds, there was a task to create a design (art-print) for merch. I've come up with the following ideas:


As a result, the following visualization of the final product was presented to the founders. The team is working on finalizing it, thus it will be available for order soon. 


Key Takeaways

From this project I learned:

  1. Time could be a major constraint. Working at a fast pace doesn't mean that design decisions are created from the air
  2. Communications in a team are an essential part of the project. In order to release your design - you need present it to impress the team
  3. Small iterations are better than a whole design project that will be changed many times before the final result
  4. Considering mobile version should be a priority
  5. Working in a team, and learning from everyone is definitely a way to grow as a professional

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